Headlight Alignment Portadown Lurgan Armagh Newry Banbridge

Incorrect headlight alignment can dazzle and confuse oncoming drivers and in worse case scenarios cause accidents or even fatalities.

Correct headlight alignment is a vital safety requirement on any vehicle which is legally used on today’s roads, not only for you but for other road users also. Incorrectly set headlight beams can dazzle and confuse oncoming drivers. At our workshop we have the latest and most up to date beam setting equipment which not only will set your headlights dip and main beams but also measure their lighting intensity.

Headlight alignment which can also be referred to as beam setting is also carried out as part of our MOT / PSV inspection checks on all cars, vans, trucks and buses thus making it a vital check prior to DVA testing. We are centrally located to Armagh, Portadown, Lurgan Banbridge and Newry. The alignment process generally only takes about 15 – 20 minutes

Please note: Aftermarket HID lighting kits will not pass MOT/PSV without a suitable wash and self leveling system installed in the vehicle.

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