Diagnostics at NI Vans

Our high end car diagnostics equipment can cope with 99% of all vans and cars on the road today.

Fed up getting warning lights on your dashboard, engine management or airbags warnings? Welcome to the world of van and car diagnostics. Have you been to the DIY hobbyist with a code reader and are told you need a new sensor only to have it fitted and there is no difference to your vehicle. Unfortunately this happens all too often and by that stage you have usually parted with a few hundred quid for parts and not obtained the positive result you expected.

Modern day vehicle diagnostics should it be van, car or truck need to be approached with an analytical approach following a careful sequence of events and also understanding of the live data streams obtained. Our high end diagnostic equipment can cope with 99% of all vans and cars on the road today making precise and accurate recommendations.

Diagnostic equipment at NI Vans Tandragee
Van or car diagnostics pricing starting from just £40.00 + VAT

We offer real savings when you consider a franchised dealer will ask for £90 minimum just to plug your vehicle onto their system alone. We are centrally located to Armagh, Portadown, Lurgan Banbridge and Newry. Again as always if you need help, advice or to make a diagnostics booking we are only a phone call away.


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