Timing Belt Kits
Timing Belt Kits

We only use the best quality timing belt replacement kits such as Gates or SKF.

Timing Belt Replacement. This vital piece of equipment is one of the key factors to engine longevity. If a timing belt breaks or stretches your engine could be either totally destroyed. Costing a small fortune to repair. Don’t take the chance on this happening and always have your timing belt replaced well within the vehicle manufacturer guidelines. We only use the best quality kits such as Gates or SKF. Our workshop mechanics have fitted hundreds of timing kits over the years. From basic 1.9tdi VW diesels right through to high performance flat four Subaru Impreza boxer engines using Kevlar belts.

What is a timing belt replacement kit? The kit contains all new parts including a timing belt, tensioner, all associated pullies and sometimes a water pump. Although this is usual an optional extra. We always would recommend fitting a full timing belt kit. Should your belt be nearing the end of it’s service lifetime don’t hesitate to contact us. You can arrange a replacement kit to be supplied and fitted. We are centrally located to Armagh, Portadown, Lurgan, Banbridge and Newry.

Full timing belt kits supplied and fitted van or car.

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