Mini Cooper S Decoke service Northern Ireland

We offer walnut blasting Mini Cooper S Decoke Service, this covers N14 De-coke engines, covering Northern Ireland

Mini Cooper S decoke service Northern Ireland.

What models does it involve?

The N14 engine, Cooper S from 2007-2009 or FJCW from 2008 – 2012, Covering R55 Clubman R56 Hatchback & R57 Convertible models. Unfortunately these Mini’s will be suffering from a build-up of carbon around the intake valves and ports. This condition is due to the second generation MINI’s using direct injection for improved performance and fuel economy. A N14 de-coke service is your best option for moving forward. However if you don’t take steps to minimise the impact of this carbon build-up, your MINI can suffer all manner of issues and poor performance.

N14 engine with coked up inlet valvesN14 Mini Cooper S inlet valves prior to decoking

A look down the barrel of your intake valves on a N14 Mini Cooper S and FJCW engine

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On arrival for your MINI Decoke service, we will give your vehicle a visual health check before continuing the N14 decoke procedures. We need to remove air intake manifold and rocker covers on the MINI N14 engine, this can take a while so we advise booking in your Mini Cooper S or FJCW and leaving it with us. It takes approximatley 4 hours to complete the service.

After the Mini Cooper s or FJCW decoke serviceResults after the Mini Decoking Service

Decoking Results

As you can see, all the carbon is gone and your N14 Mini engine can breath again and reach it’s full BHP levels

We remove the carbon build up by blasting the valves with specialist MINI tools and extraction vacuum. The walnut crushed shell blast media is purchased direct from BMW to provide the exact grade and diameter of walnut shell de-coking granuals . The walnut blasting system is used by MINI and is proven to be safe and effective.

It’s worth considering decoking as part of your regular servicing intervals (approx 20K-30K)

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