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Nowadays it is common on upwards of 20K mileage between servicing and oil change.

Manufacturers fight for every vehicle sale they make, one of their selling pitches is always how long their vehicle will run between service intervals. Nowadays it is common on upwards of 20K mileage between servicing. Scientific studies have proven that engine oils either fully synthetic  or semi synthetic start to break down on average after 6000 to 8000 miles of driving. The oil is the lifeblood of your car so why leave your engine running up to another potentially 14000 miles on poor quality engine oil that has passed it best lubrication properties.

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Fuchs Silkolene OilsTake the sensible approach – Interim oil changes

Hence the intervention of an Interim Oil Change service. Put simply half way between your regular service intervals we drain oil, change filter and refill your engine with the vehicle manufacturer’s correct grade oil. This new oil then carries your vehicle through to it’s next full service interval. Of course if you would rather have a full service carried out every 10K miles to ensure all aspects of your vehicle are kept in tip top condition this can easily be arranged.

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