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The tracking unit is hard wired in a concealed area within the vehicle, giving you ultimate security and control.

Our state of the art GPS / GSM Tracker is one of the most advanced vehicle tracking system in its class, so much so that we have installed these trackers in our own vehicles and all have worked faultlessly. Hard wired in a concealed area within the vehicle, you will have ultimate security and control along with the knowledge of where your vehicle has been, the speed it was traveling and the mileage covered. Coupled with the added bonus that at any time you can disable the vehicles engine with a simple SMS text message sent to the tracker. Movement alarms can also be configured for parked or stored vans and cars where if the vehicle moves more than 200 metres a text will be sent to a selected mobile phone alerting of the fact the vehicle is in transit.

The unit itself works via GPRS, Mobile Data (M to M sim card) and internet data with the additional option of data logging by simply installing a micro SD memory card. By using both GPRS and GSM/Data modes, the vehicle even if in a GPRS blind spot such as an underground carpark or storage container will be able to send notification alerts and updates via SMS messaging (mobile network signal dependent) to your smartphone. Tracking your vehicle is simple by any mobile phone or via a PC or laptop connected to the internet.

Van and car tracking system - vehicle tracker

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Vehicle trackers are becoming an everyday necessity.

Suitable for both private cars and business fleet management. GPS vehicle trackers are becoming an everyday necessity to protect your vehicle, family members or employees from criminal harm. With the rapid progression of technology a vehicle tracker offers multi function options other than just tracking a vehicle for security purposes. All trackers are installed with your first years subscription included and there after just £90 per year covering all European countries.  A huge saving when you consider some of the competition are asking for a whopping £400 per year subscription alone.

You can view a demo of our tracker and the web interface used with the information below.

Website: http://www.gpslive.co.uk
User Login: demo@ni-vans.com
Password: nivans

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Supplied, fitted, 1 year subscription and set up ready to operate for just £300 plus VAT

Contact NI Vans on (028) 3884 9777 or email us for more information.